Deep Media Deepfake Detection Report: President Marcos

April 26, 2024

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos Jr

Date Surfaced: April 24, 2024

Source: Cross-platform

Modality: Audio

Deep Media Detection Confidence: 64%+ Fake (Highly Likely Fake)

Audio Detection Visualizations:

Comments: This audio represents a major moment in the proliferation of deepfakes in politics. The geopolitical backdrop against which this deepfake emerged cannot be ignored. Tensions simmering in the South China Sea have fueled international concern, with potential ramifications for regional stability and beyond. In such a volatile context, the dissemination of falsified audio recordings purporting to depict high-level diplomatic and military maneuvers is not merely misleading—it is perilous. The implications of such deception reverberate far beyond the realms of politics and diplomacy, posing a tangible threat to the safety and well-being of citizens worldwide.

Moreover, the virality of this fraudulent audio recording across social media platforms underscores the urgent need for robust mechanisms to stem the tide of disinformation. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly saturated with manipulated content, the potential for real-world consequences grows ever more acute. It is incumbent upon technology companies, policymakers, and civil society alike to collaborate in devising strategies to mitigate the threat posed by deepfakes and safeguard the integrity of public discourse. The stakes are too high, the risks too great, to allow the specter of digital deception to go unchecked. We are committed to continuing to provide clear, accurate information about the latest Deepfakes and working with key partners in order to address the problem from all angles.