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Lead Engineer


Full time



Computer's science

Software development




Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)


Job duties
  • Lead the design and implementation of sophisticated web applications, leveraging cutting-edge front-end technologies and methodologies

  • In collaboration with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders, you will be responsible for extracting and interpreting technical requirements to craft holistic solutions for web application development.

  • As the technical lynchpin, you will architect and guide the creation of robust web applications, ensuring stringent adherence to best coding practices and timely delivery of top-quality software.

  • Your leadership will extend to nurturing the technical acumen of junior engineers, providing mentorship and support to catalyze their professional growth and, concurrently, reinforce the collective prowess of our team.

  • This role requires a strong technical background in AI/ML integrations with front-end technologies, as well as a proven track record of successful project management and team leadership in a fast-paced, innovation-driven environment.

Requirement to supervise the work of other employees: No
Minimum US diploma/degree required: Master's
Other major(s) and/or fields(s) of study required: Computer Science, Computer Information
Systems, Information Management, Machine Learning, or equivalent coursework/related field.
Employment experience: 24 months in the Job offered or related field
Special Skills, Other Special Skills or Requirements: Relevant experience in two or more
following tools: React, Angular JS, Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Sass,
MongoDB, PyTorch, OpenCV, Librosa, Numpy, AWS, Redis, Sagemaker, Fargate, FastAPI, React.
Travel Details: Estimated 1-2 times a year and/or quarterly for tradeshows, events, and company meetings.

Additional Notes: The wage for nonspecific locations reflects the area of ​​intended

employment (California, Alameda County)

Work Location: Remote in US

To Apply: To apply for this job, send your resume to

Salary range:

$148,000-$190,000 per year