Deep Media DeepFake Detection Report: Nancy Pelosi’s $NVDA calls

March 11, 2024

Purple Flower

Nancy Pelosi

Date Surfaced: January 20th, 2024

Source: Instagram Reels (

Modality: Audio and Video

Deep Media Detection Confidence Score: 85%+ confidence of fake across both modalities

Audio Detection Visualizations:

Video Detection Visualizations:


We’ve seen a recent uptick in Deepfakes of U.S. politicians across both sides of the aisle. This Deepfake in particular has been widely spread across Instagram Reels and many users found the video to be credible:

This spread of misinformation in light of the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections poses a clear and present risk. The Deep Media team is continuing to monitor political Deepfakes as they surface and will provide updates to the public.