Deepfake Detection Report: Marc Andreessen and the Argil Deepfake Model

March 17, 2024

Marc Andreessen

Date Surfaced: March 17th, 2024

Source: X (

Modality: Audio

Deep Media Detection Confidence Score: 99%+ confidence of fake in audio modality

Audio Detection Visualizations:


Our DeepID audio models flagged this known Deepfake video as fake with 99% confidence despite having never been trained or tested on the Argil Deepfake system. This suggests a continued resiliency of the Deep Media DeepID platform in detecting new and evolving Deepfake audio sources with high certainty.

The Argil Deepfake system represents a major jump in quality, and we expect to see continued improvements in Deepfake quality over the coming months.

Deep Media is excited to continue providing people with tools to help determine truth from Deepfake AI. With the U.S. Presidential and other major elections in progress, we are proud for our place in aiding the fight against Deepfake misinformation.

As always, we will keep you updated as we learn more about the new Argil model.