Deep Media Deepfake Detection Report: Former President Trump Photos

March 28, 2024

AI-manipulated photo featured Donald Trump

Date Surfaced: March 4th, 2024

Source: X (

Modality: Image

Deep Media Detection Confidence Score: 73% + Falsehood probability: Likely Fake

Image Detection Visualizations:

Comments: Our deepfake detection image models have identified this particular photo as a Deepfake with 73% certainty.

A concerning trend has emerged where fake AI images are being used to target black voters, purportedly by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

These types of images circulating online pose serious risks to electoral integrity, as they contribute to misinformation and potentially influence voter perceptions. We are still fairly early in election season but are already seeing a steady stream of deepfake posts related to the campaign.

Such manipulative tactics could be seen as attempts to deceive and manipulate voters. In an increasingly saturated landscape of fake news, videos, and images, it's crucial for voters to have clearly labeled on what media in genuine and what has been manipulated by AI.