How Biden’s Executive Order Charts A Responsible AI Path

November 6, 2023

Brendan Smialowski | AFP | Getty Images

In the last week or so, we’ve seen significant developments in the world of AI, causing quite a buzz.

President Biden issued an executive order for putting safeguards on AI, and a two-day global summit on AI safety kicked off in the UK with VP Kamala Harris, Elon Musk, and Sam Altman in attendance.

President Biden’s executive order, a groundbreaking move, lays out eight key priorities:

  • New Standards for AI Safety and Security

  • Protecting Americans’ Privacy

  • Advancing Equity and Civil Rights

  • Standing Up for Consumers, Patients, and Students

  • Supporting Workers

  • Promoting Innovation and Competition

  • Advancing American Leadership Abroad

  • Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI

The section titled “Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI” is particularly crucial. President Biden aims to leverage AI to streamline government operations, reduce costs, and minimize the risks of discrimination and errors. The government will achieve this by issuing guidelines for AI usage, simplifying AI tool acquisition for agencies, and hiring more AI experts while providing training for current staff.

This emphasis on responsible and efficient government AI use is essential for several reasons. It promises to improve services, save costs, ensure fairness, and drive innovation. Ultimately, responsible AI deployment contributes to a more efficient and equitable government, benefiting the American people.

As a company collaborating with US government agencies, including the Department of the Air Force, we support the President’s emphasis on responsible and secure AI use, in line with our commitment to ethical AI implementation.

The executive order specifies that the National Security Council and White House Chief of Staff will collaborate to create guidelines for the safe, ethical, and effective use of AI in the US military and intelligence agencies while countering adversaries’ AI military efforts.

We are committed to supporting these efforts by providing our expertise and resources to ensure the successful implementation of these AI guidelines within government agencies. We look forward to continuing our partnership with government agencies to advance the use of AI in a manner that benefits both national security and the broader public.